Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fabulous Winter Shoes

It snowed 8 inches here last night and just because there is tons of snow and mud on the ground does not mean you have to give up fabulous looking shoes!  Though I spend most of my days trudging around in my Technica Boots, I still like to look nice once in awhile when we go out to dinner in town.  I always get compliments on my Aquatalia boots.  I have two pairs and they are gorgeous boots that also happen to be weatherproof.  When I used to travel for work during the winter, these are all I would wear.  I have had the red ones for 2 winter seasons and they still look practically new.  They have rubber soles so I don't slip on the ice and they are super comfortable.  Check out similar ones in The Krafty Life Store.  


Amber said...

Love the red boots - perfect for snow, city, whatever. They'll even be perfect for the horse farm one day!

kmpeterson said...

I love both pairs! I too recently moved to Vail this past Dec (after living in San Francisco for eight years). I am still trying to adjust to living in the mountains and the fashion dilemmas we face!

Krafty said...

I know! I'll continue to write about good things for Vail fashion - very much missing my fun shoes though! See you on the slopes!!