Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

It's snowing outside, it's really cold and we both HAVE colds!  'A' gave it to me, but I'm working hard so that it doesn't go into full development.  When I start feeling like I'm getting sick, I always take Oregano Oil.   It tastes really bad so I just put a dropper full of the oil in my mouth and chase it with a glass of Orange Juice.  This really seems to help during those early signs - I have definitely avoided getting really sick most of the time by using this.  Click here to read more about Oregano Oil's health benefits.

My other remedy for cold or flu is Ginger, Lemon, and Honey tea.  I make this tea from scratch and that's the best way, but if you don't have a kitchen nearby, you can go to the health food store and buy R.W. Knudsen's "Simply Nutritious: Lemon, Ginger, Echinacea" Juice.  I drink this a lot, even when I'm not sick.  

Sick Tea Ingredients (I put links to the health benefits of each ingredient):
- Fresh Ginger Root (6 slices for small pot of water)
- 1/2 Lemon
- Tablespoon of Honey (Local honey is best for you)

Wash the ginger root and slice long pieces.  Place in small pot with water and turn stove on high temp.  Let the water boil and then simmer for about 20 minutes.  This allows the ginger 'juice' to be extracted into the hot water.  Pour ginger water into mug (leave the ginger pieces in the pot) and squeeze in lemon juice and honey.  Drink it hot!  The ginger pieces should last for 3 'uses' - I try to drink this all day long.   It tastes great and it's a bit spicy - I think it helps me sweat out the 'kooties'!

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jbordewyk said...

Confirming the Oil of Oregano - gross and definately needs a chaser, but works like a charm!! Also good to rub on sore muscles.