Saturday, March 28, 2009

Drink Your Greens!

During the winter, I find it harder to get my veggies and nutrients.  I'm going to blame this on entertaining people - too much pasta, steak, cheese and wine.  My friend Sarah introduced me to these 'Super Greens' that have too many super foods to list.  Every morning I try to make a shake with the following:

*My Antioxidants
*Orange Juice
*Greek or Plain Yogurt
*Fresh or Frozen berries

It's kind of a big meal so if I don't need that, I just mix the greens in with orange juice (because the greens don't taste like ice cream).

I feel a lot better that I get a huge dose of greens each morning - good for my health and great for my skin.  

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KateOnTheBike said...

I am not sure if you are into exotic nutrients, but throwing in a bag of Acai berries and a banana, plus a bit of granola - it goes down a treat!