Friday, November 13, 2009

Arriving in Italy!!

After a sleepless flight, we arrive in Milan at 8am. The flight in was beautiful with snow-capped mountains. Breathtaking! Now we just have to drive 3 hours to Florence. Yep, we rented a car!!

On our way to Italy...

We left Santa Fe at 5:00am to drive to Dallas..... boring.... boring..... boring drive. Saw some tractors and open fields and roadkill.

Dallas was only for 1 night but we had fun with "A's" parents and we're very thankful that they took Tucker while we travel. Tucker is getting ready to say 'goodbye'

We flew from Dallas to Atlanta and then in Atlanta I filled the seat in front of me with all the things I might need for the 9 hour flight to Milan. Once I realized I had 'movies on demand' at my seat, I didn't use any of these things.
Sitting in style on the plane, though pearls were off before we left the jetway. I needed more mimosas for my fear of flying!!

Italy... Here we come!

"A" and I have had a trip to Italy planned for over a year. It's a long story, but we had the trip scheduled for last year but had to cancel it so we're finally off for about 3 weeks! Because Tucker is still very young and we don't want to board him for so long, we decided to make the drive down to Dallas to leave Tucker with "A's" parents - they have 2 beagles who can put up with Tucker's puppy energy. On our way to Dallas we stopped in Santa Fe to visit my family for a couple of days. The above photo is Tucker on the outdoor bed at my step-mom's house, looking inside. I think he could sense that we were leaving him soon and he didn't want to be away from us at all!!

The first thing Tucker did in Santa Fe was to jump on my step-mom, Cristina's bed at 7am. We don't let him on our bed so he made a run for it onto hers. She loved it until she realized, like I told her, Tucker sheds more hair in 5 minutes than I will in my entire life.