Monday, March 23, 2009

Handy Work

My obsession with having nice hands and feet started when I was a ballet dancer in elementary school and came home every night with bloody feet from my pointe shoes.  I was seriously concerned that I would have ugly, scarred feet forever.  So many women I know take such great care of every part of their bodies, except their hands and their feet and these are the things I notice!  No matter where you live, all the cleaning, walking, gardening (or, in my case, slowly but inevitably killing every plant I've bought in Colorado!) and weather elements can make your hands and feet really suffer. 

Here are some things that I do that have really helped:

- I like L'Occitane Cuticle cream
- If I'm staying home during the day, I slather cream all over my feet, massage it in and put Jason Vitamin E oil all over my toes and rub it into the cuticles (I sometimes put this on my lips and eyes too - it has many uses!).  Then I cover my feet with socks.  I repeat this at night before going to bed - it makes a huge difference.  

- I try to get a manicure/pedicure once a month.  My friend Courtney introduced me to "Doorway 2 the Sole" - it's a wonderful nail spa in Cherry Creek where they do a Glycolic peel on your feet and a moisturizing mask that they slather on with a paint brush.  Plus, my manicure looks fabulous for 2 weeks (which never happened at any other spa!).  I like booking my appointments with Diane Winslow because she's fantastic and completely cracks me up, but everyone who works there is fabulous.  Sometimes I realize that I've been there for 2 hours just hanging out!  


CBuff said...

By any random chance is that color Essie "Rock Star Skinny"??

Krafty said...

It's not Essie. I think it's OPI "We'll Always Have Paris". The lady who does my nails usually tells me what to use for the month.