Monday, April 20, 2009

Puppy Puppy!

The other day I was sitting in our living room and saw the neighbor doggies staring at me through the window.  It was a bit unnerving - like they could sense that something was up.

Dogs are so smart!  After months of discussion and research, 'A' and I have decided to add to our family - we're buying a puppy!  We know it's a huge responsibility, but we're ready for it.  Plus, living in Vail you feel like a complete alien if you don't own a dog.  

We've decided to add to the Golden Retriever cause for "Total Vail Domination."  We found a small breeder in Boulder who has excellent health records, family tree and a long  waiting list. 

Yesterday, we traveled to Boulder to look at the 6 week old puppies and choose our 2 favorites... 
The Golden puppies have a lot of love to give and we got tons of licks all morning.  They were all saying 'Pick me, pick me!!"

At 6 weeks the puppies still waddle around and slip all over the place.  The puppy above just gave up after awhile.

Puppies like to feel sheltered so they were all trying to hide behind our backs and around our legs.

We held each puppy, trying to see which ones we liked and which ones seemed to like us.  We learned that the puppy really chooses the family, not the other way around!   The one I'm holding is sticking his tongue out at 'A'.  They must be a match made in heaven - now I can have 2  mischievous boys in the house!

Here's Becky Hayes, the breeder, holding our favorite boy.  She and her husband (who is a  Veterinarian) have been breeding and showing dogs for a long time.  They own Redog Kennels in Boulder.  They only have a few litters per year and our puppy has champion lines (his grandfather won Westminster in 2002)!  Too bad our champion puppy will only be sitting on his throne in our house all his life and ruling the rivers in Vail.  

Puppy Play!!

The mommy dog, Charlotte, was very happy when 'A' was petting her while nursing.

It was so hard to choose which puppy we loved most - I wanted them all!  We chose our top two and we get to pick him up May 4th (right after we move back into our house!).  

We might be crazy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shoes that Support!

As I sit here back in Vail, enduring ANOTHER huge storm, I'm dreaming of summer days in sun dresses and sandals. Looking outside, that's a long way off - but you really never know in Colorado. When I was in San Francisco, I walked everywhere, basking in the sunshine and getting some much needed exercise. For my long long walks around the city, I wore my new 'Toms" shoes that I recently purchased at "Unity" (one of my fave boutiques in Denver - owned by one of my best friends). I love these Toms because they're oh-so-cute, amazingly comfortable and supportive and I love that purchasing these shoes helped a child in need. The company's commitment is to give a pair of their shoes to a child in need each time you buy a pair of their, that's a great justification to buy them in every color and pattern! Support those companies who support those in need!

Thanks Tom!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Back!!

I feel horrible!  I've been out of touch for a while because I needed to escape the snow and visit my old home, San Francisco for a week.  When I returned, the internet service that we've been "borrowing" from the neighbor at our rental house went down!  I can't remember how I functioned before the internet - it was a tough week.   

My visit to San Francisco was amazing.  Visited old friends and took photos of EVERY flower I saw.  Living in Vail, I can't remember the last time I saw a flower growing.  

Here's best friend, Amber, picking out strollers for her twin boys on the way! 

This fire hydrant was so funny...

Beautiful rose around Coit Tower...

One of the parrots of Coit Tower...there are hundreds.

I followed my heart to Colorado, but I definitely left some of it in San Francisco...

Beautiful view.  I used to drive to word every morning across the Golden Gate bridge and think to myself, "I can't believe I live here."

What an amazing city.   It was great seeing all my friends - missing them already!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Babies on the Way

...No, not mine!  I have to say that so many of my good girlfriends either just had a baby or are pregnant.  One great friend, Courtney, in Denver just had twins and my best friend, Amber, in San Francisco is due with twin boys in July!  This is keeping me quite busy.  I'm obsessed with the babies - designing closets, lusting after and buying cute clothes and trying to help my new mama friends with anything they need.  I'm even going to San Francisco for a month to help Amber when the twins are born - I'm so excited!  
There's me talking to Amber's boys (one of them will be my god-son) while she was visiting us in Vail in February (here tummy is growing so quickly now).  Check out her blog about being a pregnant lady who loves to run in San Francisco.

Here are some great things I got for the twin boys from Styleicious in Denver:

The coolest 'Camo' baby socks by Trumpette.  I would buy these for boys or girls!

I think it's cute when twins match, but not exactly.  I found these adorable blue and brown onsies with hats by Margery Ellen.  I bought them in "Newborn" size because I want the twins to wear them while Auntie Krafty is in town!

I also got Courtney and Amber "Weleda Baby Products."  The products smell like Calendula and I love natural products for babies.  To treat the mamas, I got them some hippie/witchcraft 'belly butter' from the farmers market in Santa Fe - always be sure to take care of the mama too!

The Laundress also makes great baby laundry products - I believe in gifts that people can use!  

Congrats to all my friends in baby mode!  This is going to be great practice for me (no mom, not yet!!!).