Friday, March 20, 2009

Project Day - Organize Those Magazines!

I love magazines.  'A' loves magazines.  We could have an entire room cluttered with magazines.  In my work, I used to receive so many free magazines I could have sold them out of my house.  I love bookmarking great ideas on design, organization, fashion, travel, nutrition etc.  It can get to the point where my magazines start 'owning me' and I feel overwhelmed with clutter.  Once a month I go through all the magazines I've read and have earmarked and I rip out the pages I want to keep and throw away the rest of the magazine.  I buy white binders and place clear paper protectors in the binder.  I then put each magazine page in a paper protector so they stay clean and organized.  I divide the binders by subject matter, but I try not to over organize them because I find that inspiration for one area can come from a completely different field.  If you want to be super organized you can get dividers for your binders and write in various subjects.  For instance, a 'Home' binder might be divided by rooms or by "Paint, Furniture, Fixtures, Linens, Garden, Ambiance" etc.  
This past year has been a time of transition and a lot of moving.  I think being organized and simplifying the 'stuff' in life is key to being content and having less anxiety.  I'm only keeping the things I love and letting go of the things I don't.  I figure that there are many people in the world who would love and need those things more than I do.  Take an hour and organize something in your house today!

  You'll be so happy you did it.


skitoman said...


This is awesome stuff. My Mom would love you. She'd point and say "See! Someone else is as crazy as I am!" She has stuff for YEARS, but of course has never gone to these lengths to organize it. I'm on the fence: should I share this with her and encourage her, or not? LOL.

Rock on, Sister!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a really great idea! Between my wife and I, mag subscriptions include: Fast Company, Real Simple, Domino, Shape... and that doesn't include the random buys here and there (HOW, Dwell, etc). Mag clutter is becoming a serious issue. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing Lisa. Hope you're well.

-Kenny Barela