Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bring Home The Bacon

We have a ton of guests.  I am always washing sheets and towels, and drinking AND eating.  I love easy recipes for my guests that look like they took a really long time to make.

My friend Breanna, who is a fabulous cook and, I must say, one of the best houseguests EVER, taught me how to make a very easy, mouth-watering appetizer.  

*Almonds and/or goat cheese

How To:
1.  Make a small slit on the side of the date so that you can get the pit out.  
2.  Stuff one almond or some goat cheese (or both!) in the opening of the date to create a 'filling'
3.  Cut pieces of bacon in half 
4.  Wrap a 'half-piece' of bacon around each date
5.  Broil in the oven until bacon is cooked.

They don't look very good but they're so yummy and unique!!


skitoman said...

Bacon Krafty? Are you trying to taunt me? We could have an entire blog about bacon...

Preppy Debutante said...

my husband recently learned how to make bacon wrapped dates. not only are they yummy, they are completely addictive!