Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Protect and Organize Your Foot Bling!

From the time I was in 3rd grade until the middle of 8th grade, my parents could not get me in a dress without a huge fight ensuing.  Though I was a ballerina for 14 years, once I left the doors of my dance classes, I transformed into a grungy skater girl who enjoyed wearing my grandpa's old flannel shirts with these huge orange jeans that I got on Haight Street in San Francisco.  I'm not sure how I ever left the house thinking I looked good.  My parents would buy me really nice clothes that I threw in my closet, preferring to glam up in my flea market finds.  When I was 14, in the middle of 8th grade, we moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and I went to a prep school.  Suddenly, I wanted to look like a girl!  After fighting with my step-mom for a few years about my clothes, I was now sheepishly in her closet every morning asking, "Can I borrow this?"  That is when I discovered my love for nice shoes...and my taste became more and more expensive.  
When I moved to San Francisco after college, I considered eating beans all month so that I could afford my passion for shoes.  
My problem was that they all looked good on me!  I have a size 6 shoe and that's usually the display model size so I get that instant gratification because I don't even have to wait for someone to go in the back and find my size.  
Here's the point.  If you are going to invest in nice shoes, you need to protect and organize them.  Colorado is really dusty, so my dreams of having a glamorous, open-air shoe room just isn't realistic (I guess the dust isn't the only reason for that).  Rather than keeping the original boxes, which don't match and all the sizes are different, I like placing each pair in one of these plastic boxes from the Container Store and labeling them.  

Here are the benefits:

*You can stack them
*Organize them by Designer, Type, and Color
*The boxes are clear so you can see your shoes and they create and open, clean feeling in your closet.
*These labels are erasable so can fix labeling mistakes and update labels if you replace a pair of shoes
*Your fabulous shoes stay dust-free and organized! 

My step-mom and I still trade shoes and I can't help but get a little smirk on my face when I think about the fact that both of my sister's feet are too big to share with us... he-he.


Amber said...

You are hilarious - love the bean pic. The boxes are a great idea! I have so many shoes that have been scuffed/mashed by just being crammed in my closet (and seeing poor Jimmy's with snubbed shoe noses is not cool)

jbordewyk said...

Ditto - on the picture!!! You are the organization queen Krafty!

jbordewyk said...

Ditto on the picture - I hope you are framing it! You are the organization queen Krafty!

skitoman said...

I've seen her eat the beans. It ain't pretty. But she looks good in those heels, so I ain't complainin'... rock on, Krafalicious!