Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tragic Technology

If you are an iphone owner, like me, you are part of a special club that only 'we' can understand.  I have turned into the biggest dork since becoming an Apple convert.....and I LOVE it.  However, this love of technology can suck the soul right out of you.  I have discovered an "Application" on my iphone that is a game called ReMoveEm.  If you find this game, do not download it - run for your life!  I have a very unhealthy addiction to this game.  It's completely basic (like Tetris, but even easier) but I can't stop playing it.  'A' is always asking if I'm playing the game and I say 'no' so now I hide in the bathroom to play it.  I'm living a secret life.   So if you would like to keep your job and keep a happy family life, stay far far away from this game. 
 Plus, I hold all of the 'Top Scores" anyway so you would feel very intimidated playing it.  

1 comment:

Lexie said...

I have phone envy!!!! I'm dying for an iPhone. And you know I'll download that game as soon as I get the phone. ;)