Thursday, February 26, 2009

Glitzy Green Gift Wrapping

I am a very fortunate lady and receive some pretty spectacular gifts...along with those, I get some wonderful wrapping paper that I keep (just one more thing I have to find space for!).  Is that weird?  I fold up the tissue paper, keep all of the ribbons and cute bags so I can use them again.  I keep them in two woven boxes that my mom sent me from Maui.  If you receive gifts from me, more than likely the wrapping has been 're-gifted'.   I believe in using what you have and re-using things like paper and ribbon.  
Three of my best girlfriends from San Francisco are coming to visit me in Vail this weekend and I put together some fun gift bags for them so that they can survive the dry/cold weather. 

 They're just little gifts like a water bottle, Luna bars, moisturizer samples and lip glosses....

But I made them look really special by using luxury gift wrap - Hermes and Cartier ribbons and a Chanel shopping bag.  Hopefully my friends won't mind that there aren't any luxury goods in there!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you recycled my adorable red polka dot gift bag. I always save pretty ribbons to "re-gift"!
xoxo, B