Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Show Off Your Bling!

I'm a "if I don't see it, it's not there" girl.  I consistently forget about all of the great things I own because I can't see everything.  This especially happens with earrings.  I end up wearing the same jewels all the time and feel boring without some fantastic earrings.  I love having my signature pieces (my gold/sapphire ring, antique gold necklace from Portugal and my Cartier Love bracelet from 'A'), but changing up earrings is so fun!  

I keep my earrings hung on this funky 'bust' with a chicken-wire skirt. I found it at a boutique in the Highlands area of Denver, but you can find great items like this in many boutiques.  This way I can see all of my earrings and make an effort to actually wear them!  

Also, if you're a shoe lover like I am, use your shoes as art!  These fantastic cowboy boots should not be hidden in the closet - these were made to show off - so I keep them in a book case, mixed in with books and picture frames.  My favorite cowboy boot shop is "Boots & Boogie" in Santa Fe, NM.  Roy, the owner, is a hoot and some people (including 'A') pay extra money to buy some of Roy's old worn-in boots!

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