Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hanger Hanger on the Wall

This summer I did a home tour in Beaver Creek of some of the most exquisite mountain homes I have ever seen.  Aside from my constant calculating of how much money we would have to make in order to build one of these homes, I could not get my mind off of the disgusting hanger displays in the enormous closets in these homes.  Though these closets were larger than the 2 bedroom apartment I lived in in San Francisco and filled with designer clothing , the hangers were all mismatched, plastic, wire and all colors of the rainbow.  These people had thin plastic hangers holding up their furs!  That poor fox did not die so that it could hang on a turquoise tubular hanger.  I'm not anti-fur, I'm just anti-disrespecting your clothing.  Here's the deal - you will never love your closet until you have matching, functional hangers.  Whether you have a custom closet or you live in a rental with a pole and a shelf, matching hangers will change your life and preserve the life of your clothing.  

My favorite place to buy hangers is  They have a huge variety of hangers in various finishes and I think their pricing is really good.  Also, for me, one of the most important things about working with a company is customer service - I only work with people who 'get it' - and they do.  

My absolute must-have hanger is this one....

It's called the Vinyl Hanger.  I prefer to purchase it in black, though white and light pink are available.  Black seems to show the least amount of dust... oh, Colorado is so dusty - I can't get over it!  This hanger is space-saving, keeps wide-neck shirts from slipping and, most importantly, you can hang delicate sweaters without getting 'pucker-marks' or stretching the fabric.  I prefer to hang rather than fold items because wrinkles are my enemy and I like to see what I own so I don't buy the same black shirt over and over again.  You can buy hangers to match your closet or buy a color that contrasts for a cool look.  My step-mom has a white California Closet and I got her all black hangers - very chic! can also monogram your hangers which is very 'in' right now.  Monogrammed hangers make a great gift for a house-warming, wedding or new baby!

I won't show you my closet right now because we are remodeling our house and living in a rental for a few months.   I can't wait to show you our new custom closets in April!  

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