Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm in the Wrong Business!

Yesterday I had to drive 60 miles to get one of our cars serviced (oy, life outside the big city!!) and I was dreading not only the drive, but the waiting.... Until I discovered that there was a Target in this town!  I didn't realize when I moved outside of the city how living without Target would effect me.  It's my place.  I find so many things there that I didn't know I would ever need!!  So I happily walked into Target with two things on my list.  20 items and $136 later I walked out of Target.  When I was at the check-out, the lady was ringing up a few cute birthday cards that I got for some friends.  The cards were $6.95 each - WHAT?!?!?  When did a paper card (okay, these had sequins and ribbon, but still) become almost $7?  I could get into that business!  So here's the question.  Do people keep birthday cards or just toss them?  I'm happy to pay a bit of money for a card if people will keep them, but I'm not sure people do and I would rather buy them a glass of wine or something.  Let me know what you think - do you keep your cards?


Unity Boutique said...

I do keep my cards... in fact my mom gave me the pretty lady in pink with the martini card for my birthday. So cute! I use them as decoration for homemade frames, jewelry displays, etc.

Anonymous said...

Yes I keep almost every card people give to me. At this point I have boxes and someday my plan is to glue them into a giant scrapbook. I saw these cards at Target too. So adorable!
xoxo, Breanna