Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mr. Clean Mr. Clean

I have been obsessed with cleaning ever since Amber and I were 8 years old and invented a cleaning product named "Clean Clang." We mixed together every liquid in my house (including orange juice, hair conditioner and toothpaste) and developed an 'amazing' cleaning product. We were so enthusiastic about the product that we made up a jingle for it and cleaned my entire house with it. You would think that my parents would be grateful for the free house cleaning with an exclusive new product, but apparently the ingredients we used were not the best for cleaning.... whatever!
Fast forward to today and I've found another great product (thanks mom!). It's called "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser." It's a sponge that you dampen and you can clean your walls and much much more. When we moved into our townhouse in Denver, there were scuff marks all over the walls. I was so annoyed that the house wasn't spick and span! My mom recommended the magic eraser because it doesn't take the paint off walls. I used the eraser to take off one spot that was really annoying me and it worked so easily and so well that I went through the entire house cleaning the walls - it made all the difference in the world. You can use this all over the house - it's super fun! Yes, I said fun!


Amber said...

I NEED this!!! Our walls are now covered with baby puke ... ew. I looked at 3 Walgreens and none of them have it - where do you find this?

Krafty said...

Target Lady!!!! Have Matt pick it up on his way home.

J Bordewyk said...

I just bought this (yes finally after asking you about it weeks ago). I will let you know if it is actually "fun" or you are just crazy :)

Amber - I bought a 4 pack, let me know if you need 1 or 2.

J Bordewyk said...

Update- just used these sponges on my hall that was scuffed from movers and the hall is scuffed no more! Thanks Lisa - great recommendation. It was so easy and OK kinda fun!!