Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One of the best finds EVER

Just prior to moving to Colorado, I discovered one of the best San Francisco treats ever. If you go to the Ferry Building, one of the permanent stores is a mushroom/truffle store. There they stock a Honey Truffle Mustard that is life changing (don't be discouraged by the honey - this is not a really sweet mustard).
When I bring this mustard back to Colorado for friends they react as if I just bought them a new car. When I was in San Francisco last month, I convinced my cab driver from the airport to stop and get a jar after he dropped me off. This is seriously a great gift. I buy jars of it and just keep them in our kitchen in case we go to someone's house and need a little gift.
This mustard tastes like it costs $30 per jar, but it's only $7.50. I put this healthy treat on everything - sandwiches, burgers, chicken, sausages....I would but it on ice cream if it didn't gross people out.
Stop by the ferry building when you're in San Francisco (one of my favorite places to go!) or you can order this mustard online www.farwestfungi.com

What are your favorite finds? Please share!!

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Amber said...

You have me SO hooked on this. I eat it with a spoon ... who am I kidding, I use my finger (sh, don't tell). I'm also loving Barley Water which I buy from an online market in London. Yum!