Saturday, April 4, 2009

Babies on the Way

...No, not mine!  I have to say that so many of my good girlfriends either just had a baby or are pregnant.  One great friend, Courtney, in Denver just had twins and my best friend, Amber, in San Francisco is due with twin boys in July!  This is keeping me quite busy.  I'm obsessed with the babies - designing closets, lusting after and buying cute clothes and trying to help my new mama friends with anything they need.  I'm even going to San Francisco for a month to help Amber when the twins are born - I'm so excited!  
There's me talking to Amber's boys (one of them will be my god-son) while she was visiting us in Vail in February (here tummy is growing so quickly now).  Check out her blog about being a pregnant lady who loves to run in San Francisco.

Here are some great things I got for the twin boys from Styleicious in Denver:

The coolest 'Camo' baby socks by Trumpette.  I would buy these for boys or girls!

I think it's cute when twins match, but not exactly.  I found these adorable blue and brown onsies with hats by Margery Ellen.  I bought them in "Newborn" size because I want the twins to wear them while Auntie Krafty is in town!

I also got Courtney and Amber "Weleda Baby Products."  The products smell like Calendula and I love natural products for babies.  To treat the mamas, I got them some hippie/witchcraft 'belly butter' from the farmers market in Santa Fe - always be sure to take care of the mama too!

The Laundress also makes great baby laundry products - I believe in gifts that people can use!  

Congrats to all my friends in baby mode!  This is going to be great practice for me (no mom, not yet!!!).

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Amber said...

As the recipient of so much baby generosity, I must say, you have the BEST taste! Cole and Wilson are lucky to have you in their lives (when they come :) ).