Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tucker Time!

Last Sunday we drove down to Boulder to pick up our 8 week old puppy!  We were so excited and so freaked out at the same time - our house isn't quite done and here we are bringing a puppy into the mess (more on that later)!

We named him "Lord Tucker of Manchester"
Lord - His grandfather won Westminster (whatever that means) so he needed a 'title'
Tucker - We loved this name and this is what we call him (we also call him 'Bug' for some reason)
Manchester - 'A's' favorite soccer team

Here's Tucker on our way home in his crate - he was pretty scared and begging to get out!

Once home, we introduced him to the wooly Lamb/Giraffe (not sure what it is exactly), but it's his favorite toy.  He wrestles with it when he's out of the crate and sleeps with it when he's in the crate.

He looks so innocent, but he peed on our new floors 12 times in the first day.  Not his fault at all because he was in a new place, but I started freaking out and thinking that no one under the legal drinking age should be able to adopt a dog, because you need a drink...or three!

After a traumatic bath experience where poor Tucker shook the entire time, he fell asleep in my arms.

And he slept a lot for the rest of the day, he was 'tuckered out'!  Sorry, lame joke.

I know I'm supposed to make him sleep in his crate, but I just couldn't do it the first day.  What's cuter than this?


Amber said...


kmpeterson said...

He looks like an adorable little bundle of fur! So cute! Congrats on your new addition!

Anonymous said...

Tucker is just soooo cute !


P.S. I faithfully read your BF Ambers blog.....I am unable to comment because I am not a blogger (I guess?) but pass on my best wishes and excitement please...a great is yours....


Krafty said...

glad you like both blogs Karen - I will send Amber your note! Sorry I haven't been writing much lately - we are in the middle of a move, training "tucker the terror" AND I just got engaged today!!

Anonymous said...

I have been there...(moves, and puppy training) Congrats on your exciting...I wish you the best on all your new endeavors....I have been married 33 wonderful exciting rewarding magical years and very much remember the beginning...thanks for sharing your journey....


P.S. My dog Bos'n (pronounced bosun) sends Tucker his best...

jbordewyk said...

He is can you say "NO" to a face like that!!! The sleeping pics are so sweet...what a lover!